Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Man Ye

So everyone has something to say about the VMA's and Kanye's "outburst". It seems that all commentary about Mr. West's behavior has been negative.

To be perfectly honest, I saw nothing wrong with what he did. Those awards shows are soooo overrated and inaccurate displays of what should be considered great talent. I'm not trying to rain on Taylor Swift's parade, but the batch really doesn't have a good voice. If she can be a superstar so can I (and I can't sing for shit). We have fallen into a culture where white girls with no voice can blow up and stay up (thanks to technology).

Taylor Swift's songs are lame and then her videos are extra lame. Beyonce or Lady Gaga should really have won that award. Their songs were obviously better than Swift's and they had hot videos. Kanye was merely pointing out a blatant disparity in the selection process. He could have kept his commentary until after the show, but his actions constituted a more effective protest.

Then to make matters worse, Beyonce was told to give up her limelight in order to allow Taylor some more time to speak to her fans. Ugh again! I mean why should Sasha Fierce have to sacrifice her shine for a 17 year old white girl with bad clip in hair? Now that is unfair.

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