Thursday, July 9, 2009

Black Power!!!

My BFF and I have recently been discussing what appears to be an increasing racial divide in this country that is always mistakenly called a melting pot.

So many black professionals are being systematically laid off from their corporate jobs and no one has said anything about it. My personal opinion is that this specific targeting of the "black elite" is a direct fall out of the November 2008 presidential election in which Barack Hussein "I'm a ninja" Obama took over the White House.

So the most powerful man in the land is black and white people become threatened. People can lie all they want about fearing a socialist government, but we all know the real deal (no one wants a ninja as their President). Barack's presence must be a reminder of days as white trash struggling to find jobs as house cleaners, which Maria and Consuela happily took. A word of wisdom: if you want those jobs back, please lower your asking price. No one is going to pay you $8 an hour for a job that can be done for $1 an hour. Don't be mad at us. Be mad at your corporate big wigs who decided to take all those Ford motor jobs to the Philippines or whatever random third world country they sent that work to.

Such moments often remind me of slavery. Slavery was a terrible period in the past of African-Americans. However, slavery clearly showed the stronger race - black people. White people were visibly too weak to pick cotton as their translucent melanin was not enough to withstand days in the sunny fields of Virginia and South Carolina. Better yet, let's just say that Oladupe the Slave was strong with muscles ripping through his chest and back. I doubt that even the great Civil War general Stonewall Jackson had such an amazing physique. Long before LA Fitness and NY Sports Clubs, we were looking gwoood. Why do you think the little white mistresses of the house were creaming for Solomon and his fellow slaves? Now the black man was not the only idol back then. Black women also did their thing. I mean Thomas Jefferson did love him some Sally and clearly fathered a multitude of mulatto children....I know, the truth hurts!

This recognition of black strength and black power has always been the motivator for bringing down black people. Of course no one could be better than the pasty white men, so they decided to reduce black people to nothingness until they believed they were nothing. The remnants of this low self-esteem are found in the young boys and girls who would rather chill on the corner than read a book. Now, with the rise of a black President, we can see that time for being a down-trodden negro is expiring.

Let's just say that we are heading into a time where white validation will no longer be important. For so long we have wanted to work at this company and go to that school. We should remember a time when black people owned their own businesses, banks, schools, etc. Why can't we do that again? The campaign days leading up to Obama/November '08 were a reminder that we will always have a systemic racial divide in this country. Obama represents hope, but that hope probably goes as far as universal healthcare. We will not randomly come together in the next 10, 20, or even 50 years.

However, as we all lose our jobs and begin to reflect on our self worth, let us recognize that black is beautiful, intelligent, strong, and powerful. It is important to understand that people are threatened by confidence, especially the confidence of a negro. The veil of the white man must now be lifted so that we can see what lies within us. Integration was our downfall. The new segregation will be our rise.

I'm not usually ranting about black power, but the recent unfairness I see affecting me and those around me is hard to push to the side. I wonder what Reverend Al thinks...

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