Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rest In Peace (RIP) the Runway

I hate to harp on Broke Entertainment Television (BET), but Monday's airing of Rip the Runway would have made E!'s Fashion Police squad die of immediate heart attacks. As I mentioned before, I am all for promoting ninjas. However, as my man Dwight Eubanks told us on Real Housewives of Atlanta, a fashion show with NO fashions is NOTHING!!! I'm no Michael Kors and I'm certainly no Stella McCartney, but I could have made the shit that found its way down that clubbed out runway. Those designers are going to have to work extra extra hard if they ever want to make it to the sidewalk near Bryant Park for Fashion Week.

Also, what was up with the irrelevant performers? Who is Mavado? Okay Keri Hilson is up and coming, but her appearance and Forever 21 wardrobe made her look like a struggling artist. Busta Rhymes and Spliff Starrs tried to do it like they did when they were my age. I don't know about you, but that ninja is overdue for retirement. He could barely wave his hands in the air and he kept bumping into models. Poor coordination is a sign of old age and possibly glaucoma. But I have to agree with Busta, a batch wants some of that Arab money. And when I say Arab money I mean marrying a ninja by the name of Mohammed Fazad al-Habib. Yeah I said it. I'll rock some cloth over this head to have a house the size of the Taj Mahal and a fleet of Bentleys.

The only highlight of the evening was Joy Bryant. Let's just say that old girl must have dropped Rachel Zoe's coked-out ass as her stylist. Joy's yaki and attire were to die for. She typically rocks that bride of Jimi Hendrix look which does not work well since it screams nappy hair/weave and no style. A bitch pulled it together real quick. What do you think?

I refuse to make any further comments about the bootleggedness(c) that was Rest In Peace the Runway. My time is so much more valuable.
*Photo 1: taken from Black Entertainment Television
*Photo 2: taken from http://www.topnews.in/
*Photo 3: taken from Black Entertainment Television

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  1. If that picture represents the entire show...ewwwwwwww!