Monday, March 2, 2009

Drag On!

Finally, RuPaul has her own tangtabulous version of America's Next Top Model. Hate it or love it, but my BFF was right. Tyra Banks shonuf stole all her style from Lady Ru. The sad part is that Tyra, a "real" woman, looks like crap next to Ru's fabulousness.

Just a red carpet tip: Tyra, stop plastering that nasty orange yaki to your head, but keep smiling with them eyes :-)

Anywhoo, RuPaul's Drag Race is far from a drag. I find the show quite entertaining as these little "women" scurry around to prove whose tuck-the-penis-in game is tighter. My personal fave is Akashia who is basically the token hot ghetto mess. To my great sadness, "she" ended up getting cut early on. Check "her" out at this link:

Hopefully Ru Ru's mo-dels will have a better shot at having a real career compared to Tyra's has beens on America's Next Top Model.

If you are gay, straight, or confused, I think you should watch at least one episode. Personally, I think if some of you straight guys met these "girls" at the club, you would hit that extra tight punani and not even know it.

I know I'm nasty, but you know you luvs it!

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*Photo 2: taken from All Funmusik

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  1. No way RuPaul looks better than Tyra...NO WAY...NO HOW!!!