Monday, March 2, 2009


Okay....I'm all for privacy rights and minding my damn biznass, but you know we have to comment on lil Ms. Suleman (did I spell it right?). In my defense, she has been plastering her business out there for us to savor so it's free reign.

I really just want to go to her and be like boo boo what were you thinking. But then again our home girl was obviously not thinking. Clearly psychiatric evaluations should now be standard procedure when a woman with 6 kids comes to ask a doctor to give her 7 more.

My only question is this: how did a batch manage to pay for in vitro with no job and no man? Even Angelina Jolie would not have pulled a let me collect more children stunt like this and Angie has that 100 children type of money. Besides, we know Angie and her DSLs like to pick from more diverse parts of the world. They all can't come from her.

As far as lil Ms. S's momma is concerned, I'm gonna need for grandma to step out of the lime light. How are you going to trash talk your own daughter in public? As crazy as we know this whole situation is, don't tell us that. Tell your daughter that. Grandma is clearly on some Rev. Jeremiah Wright ish now...all about messing up the cause (get money) rather than helping it.

I personally don't want my taxes paying for those babies. I am more comfortable with the dumb ass doctor paying some child support.

*Photo: taken from Access Hollywood

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